1940s Gloria Dickson Dress 

This beautiful gored dress is an Old Hollywood design made popular by Gloria Dickson, Glamour Girl of the Silver Screen in the 1940s. The A-frame skirt and padded shoulders are a quintessential WWII look. The bloused upper portion of the dress will give you a fuller looking bust, while the flared skirt and fitted waist will accent your feminine curves for an hour-glass figure. Long or short sleeve option. Custom made to your print or solid fabric specifications of Rayon Challis. (Available up to size 14)

$189.00 (Finished Dress)

1940s Vintage Scallop Yoke Dress

During WWII fabric was a precious commodity due to rationing. Women had to get creative with what fabric they could find; therefore, you see designs such as this dress with the scalloped inset yoke. Short sleeve version has a scallop detail; 3/4 length sleeve is also available. The gored A-frame skirt is flattering to various body types. Custom made in your print and fabric choice of Rayon Challis. (Available up to size 14)

$199.00 (Finished Dress)

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  • Moonlight Seranade (Digitally Re-Mastered Version)3:20
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World War II and Vintage Clothing

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1940s Old Hollywood Glamour 

Item #: OHGD120113

I found this pattern in one of my hauls! Gorgeous old Hollywood Glamour! A rare find ladies. The two tone dress is a slimming option with the darker fabric on the bottom - doesn't have to be black ladies! The Red polka-dot with the peplum is a great option for those who need to accentuate the hips. Both have an A-frame skirt; again when paired with the wider shoulders it creates that hour glass figure associated to this era. Custom made in your choice of prints in Rayon Challis. (Available up to size 14)

$189.00 (Finished Dress)

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1942 Vintage Dress #9728

I fought so hard for this pattern ladies! I was in a knock-down bidding war with two other people and I ended up paying a small fortune so that I could bring this beautiful piece into my new collection! It is already sized for a bust size 42, hips 36. It can be sized for smaller figures if needed. The A-line skirt, and inset waist is very flattering and will give you that hour-glass shaped figure! Custom made to your print and fabric specifications of Rayon Challis.

(Available up to size 14)

 $189.00 (Retail)

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