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Designs From Time

Historical Clothing and Period Costumes:

I classify my designs as reproduction clothing rather than a loosely themed

or inspired costume. If you are a history enthusiast, have a passion for

historical clothing, or you're a reenactor, you will both understand and

appreciate that statement! - In other words, Res ipsa loquitur (The thing

speaks for itself).

Historical Clothing That's Worth the Investment!

Reenacting and Cosplay is an expensive hobby. It can be especially daunting for newcomers who might lack the ability to create their own historical reproduction clothing, but feel hiring a professional seamstress is beyond their budget. Keep reading!  I offer payment options!


In this unsettled economy times are tough and it may be difficult to justify the expense; therefore, it's tempting to go bargain shopping for a less expensive alternative. But it's only a bargain if what you get is a premium product at a discount. 

Beware of Cheaply Priced Versions! - They aren't a bargain.

It can be very tempting to choose your historical reproduction clothing based on the "cost" - especially for those new to Reenacting or Cosplay. Most newbies haven't had the opportunity to consult with a professional costumer, or simply don't yet know enough about accuracy of construction and appearance; consequently, they purchase something on Etsy or Ebay for MUCH less because they think they can't afford my prices. But the ONE thing all these unfortunate souls have in common is that when they receive these "bargain" costumes what they receive is a cheaply constructed knock-off - IF they receive their items at all.  Inevitably they realize too late that it wasn't the bargain they expected and end up contacting me, only now they've lost their initial investment.

BEWARE:  China, India, Korea, and some of the Eastern block countries have infiltrated the historical costuming and cosplay market and are selling cheap, poorly constructed garments made in sweatshops using inferior fabrics. They dupe customers with prices as low as $98. But quality fabrics, even at wholesale prices, will cost MORE than that! These companies are dishonest and disreputable; going so far as to steal photos from reputable costumers and corsetiers and using these photos to market their products! When the item arrives, and the customer realizes they've been duped, they have NO recourse. Many times the shops have closed and reopened in another name, or they simply refuse to respond to a request to issue a refund. PayPal cannot force them to refund your money, and because they are over seas there is nothing they or you can do about it! Those of us who ARE reputable businesses can do nothing but try to educate you as consumers.

Beware of any costume listed for a price that sounds too good to be true. You truly will receive exactly what you paid for - a cheap product sold at cheap prices.

If your goal as a member of a Reenactment guild, or the cast in the King or Queen's court, is to truly "look" as if you've stepped through a time portal then you need a sturdy, well-made ensemble. I challenge you to take a picture of a costume that is sold for $300 or less and compare it side-by-side with any of my items and you will understand Look at the details, the workmanship. My work speaks for itself.

With only a 40% deposit, about the same amount you would pay for an inexpensive costume on Ebay or Etsy, you can own a quality-made, authentic Designs From Time original, custom fit and constructed by a professional costumer using only the highest quality materialsThat's a true bargain!

Use my Lay Away Option and get it right the first time!

Brides with a Unique Vision!

If you are a bride planning a unique historically themed wedding, your gown is the focal point; therefore, it's imperative you have a designer who can deliver a sumptuous, functional gown. Whether it is the Brides gown, Maid of Honor, Ring Bearer and Flower Girl, or the Groom, Designs From Time can deliver ensembles for your entire wedding party that will be picture perfect for your special day. 

Lay-Away Your Dream Ensemble!

To assist my clients in the purchase of a quality, well-made ensemble (or historically themed wedding gown), I offer my clients a Lay-Away option.  With a 40% deposit, you can hold a spot on my calendar and make payments! There is NO substitute for quality! 

My Ultimate Goal:

My ultimate goal is to design "clothing" that would be authentic enough in appearance that if you stepped into a time machine and was transported back in history, you would be able to blend with the people of that time period. That is my goal. How close we get is determined by your personal tastes; i.e, what you want, what you need an ensemble for, and what your budget may be. 

Using History as my Compass:

Using what historians and costume researchers have uncovered helps me to know what "was possible" in terms of style and embellishment, and I approach my designs with that in mind. 

Many of my gowns are reproductions based on authentic works of art - from the Renaissance era; such as portraits, black and white fashion plates - or sketches, photos from museums in the UK or at the Met, and even popular historically themed films.

Unique Designs:

I have a variety of designs whose style is uniquely my own. I strive to think outside the box, and design pieces with just a little something special. While some of my embellishments in my Elizabethan line may lean toward the theatrical, I stick to authentic pattern, silhouette for those respective time periods.

What's your favorite Era? 

While the bulk of my client requests have been for Renaissance Clothing, I have a vast collection of designs for many different eras. 

I love to push my talents and try new projects and different clothing from other time periods besides Renaissance. Perhaps it has something to do with being born under the sign of Lugh, the many-gifted god of the Celts. Perhaps it's the artist in me seeking to expand my creativity. Perhaps it is my grandmother's gift of "busy hands." Whatever the source for my drive or motivation, I enjoy the variety and the challenge of adding unique pieces to my collection. If only my energy was as boundless as my imagination!

~ Christine