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Hello and Welcome to my Period Costumes page!

As a historical costume designer I am privileged to live out my passion one

stitch at a time! Until recently, admitting you were self-taught elicited suspicion,

but thanks to shows like "Project Runway" attitudes have changed and designers

who don't hold an official degree from a design school have at last earned the

recognition we deserve. In many ways, those who are self-taught must work harder

to learn and master the necessary techniques to prove themselves; and this is what

drives me to strive constantly for the excellence my clients have come to expect from their commissions.

 My career began decades ago under the loving tutelage of my talented grandmother (Elsie Ruth Huffman), who not only taught me fine detail and handwork, but modeled for me the work ethic of her generation. I became interested in 16th Century costuming in 2001 when I joined my first reenactment guild in California and began creating garb for family and friends. Since then, I have spent the last 15+ years immersing myself in the research  of historical dyes, fabrics, pattern drafting, historical construction techniques, and embroidery for the 16th, 17th, and 18th Century, respectively.  While the majority of my commissions are for the 16th Century, I also create 18th Century, Victorian, Steampunk, and Fantasy costume.

What began as a hobby unfolded into a full-time career in 2012 when I was fortunate enough to retire early and relocate to the beautiful state of Washington. In CA the nearest design school was a six-hour drive to Los Angeles or four hours to San Francisco. Since relocating to the Seattle area, doors have opened to me to further my education through classes at the New York Fashion Academy - Seattle to hone my design and fitting skills and continue to stretch myself as a designer by venturing into men's tailored pieces and gowns from the 18th and 19th Century.

While I strive for authenticity in my design styles, my challenge as a designer is to meld the "historical purist"  with my client's vision or "fantasy" and produce beautiful and functional ensembles that hit as many points as possible to offer the public a vignette into each respective time period. While I adore projects that strive for more historical accuracy, what's more important is pleasing my clients, working within their budget, and encouraging their love and knowledge of clothing from bygone eras when women's clothing were works of art and Haute Couture was the standard of the day rather than the exception.

Designing quality costumes is a bit of an obsession. I set high standards for myself, and strive to make sure my clients' investment is money well-spent. I'm grateful to say my clients continue to offer me excellent feedback for my attention to detail and the quality of my work.That is essential for you, the consumer, to know; because, let's face it, transactions on-line can often be a gamble. I hear the horror stories all the time from clients who have had horrific experiences; even from "costumers" they hired who are well-known in the costuming world and lauded as leaders in their craft!  Therefore, it's extremely important that my work and customer satisfaction speaks for me. 

It has been encouraging, and humbling, to watch the number of my followers continue to grow here on my website,  my Etsy store, my Facebook pageHistorical Costumes by Designs From Time, and my costuming blog on Blogspot and Tumblr).

Between my costume design, writing fiction  (novels), and

continuing  education classes at the New York Fashion Academy,

research, and reenacting, I stay busy dividing my time between my two

grown children, five rascally ferrets, three rather fat cats, and a precocious

black German Shepherd named "Sirius Black."

I invite you to keep checking back! I am adding new pieces and new

clothing designs from other eras as time permits!

Thank you again for visiting my web page! As always,

I'm available to answer your questions.  

~ Christine