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"Hogwarts A History"

Harry Potter Cosplay-Steampunk Mash-up

Authentic styled, 1897 tailored women's wool double-breasted vest, with rounded or pointed front. Custom made. Custom covered buttons. Only available through Designs From Time!  Listing includes: labor and supplies for a custom drafted pattern to fit your measurements wearing your corset. (Custom drafted pattern remains in my files. Will not be shipped with your purchase). Bodice is flat-lined - not double lined. This is an accurate historical technique, but seams are overlocked with a Serger. Fabric in sample is not available and cannot be replicated.

*Hogwarts Patch NOT included.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must own or purchase an authentic Victorian style corset - not one that is lingerie grade, and not one worn as outer clothing.

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Cosplay and Fantasy Costumes

Double Breasted Vest :  $328.88

Available in limited Sizes. Patterns are custom drafted from an original 1897 drawing sized 4.


Men's Regency Tailcoat

"Prince Charming"


An authentic tailored reproduction of Prince Charming's Regency era tailcoat complete with authentic embroidery pattern. Exclusively available through Designs From Time. Fully tailored, and fully lined, this is a historical reproduction rather than a one-off costume. Available in both green and white styles, also M-collar, double-breasted style. Waistcoat (vest) available but not included in this listing. Trouseres not available.Digital Embroidery Design Copyright 2015 - 2016 Designs From Time. All Rights Reserved.

$522.00 (Labor Fees)