Girls/Teens 18th Century Embroidered Felicity Gown - Custom, Made To Order (FABRIC INCLUDED - Limited to 12 yards)


Girls/Teen 18th Century Embroidered Felicity Gown - Custom, Made To Order (FABRIC INCLUDED - Limited to 12 yards)


(Gown pictured is not my work. I've used as a place-marker only due to a high volume of inquiries. Due to my extremely busy commission schedule, I am not able to make "samples." When I am commissioned for the same gown, I will replace it with my own high-quality reproduction).

Made to Order: NOT READY TO SHIP. Must be custom made for each individual client.

This gorgeous 18th Century dress is patterned after costume worn in the 2005 film "Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. Includes: YOUR CHOICE of embroidery (front skirt edge and lower petticoat only) historically accurate bodice with front lacing and contrasting stomacher, overskirt sewn to the bodice, and petticoat. All hems are hand-sewn - NOT machine stitched. Overskirt is attached to the bodice. Bodice is structured - NOT two layers of fabric sewn together! Rather it is tailored with hair canvas. Fully lined bodice. Front closure accomplished with industrial strength hook & eye tape. AThis is NOT an inexpensive knock-off! - But an authentically styled garment, designed and constructed by a professional seamstress and historical costumer with 30+ years of experience and a reputation for highly detailed, quality made historical reproductions.

An authentic 18th Century style smock, corded petticoat, and bumpads are needed to be worn underneath the gown, These items are NOT included in the price of the dress. If you do not own these proper underpinnings as described, you will need to add them to your budget, otherwise the gown absolutely will NOT drape properly.


An authentically styled 18th Century corset is absolutely ESSENTIAL for the proper fit of an 18th Century gown. While my bodices are highly structured with tailoring in the inner-structure, ADDING BONING to the bodice proper in lieu of, or in place of, a proper pair of stays will ABSOLUTELY NOT provide you the necessary silhouette!!! Anyone who has done their research will tell you the same thing. Without actually stays it will NOT provide the same support! Therefore STAYS ARE A NECESSITY rather than an option. Without proper stays you risk a serious malfunction of the gown such as: burst seams or torn grommets for gowns that lace up. Additionally, a pair authentically styled pair of stays is necessary when creating the upper body cast, which I require in order to be able to draft a properly fitted gown to your exact measurements. The 18th Century silhouette flattens the breasts and smooths the entire torso. If you wear a Victorian or Civil War style "corset" it will not flatten the breast as needed for the 18th (and 16th) Century, and your custom gown from me will not fit properly. I pattern my 16th and 18th Century gowns to be HISTORICALLY ACCURATE, which means I follow the actual historical standards and practices for construction. These gowns are made to fit FLAT against the torso rather than to conform to the curve of the breast as you see in clothing for the 1800s and early 1900s. If you aren't wearing the proper 18th Century stays both during the making of the necessary cast, AND when you wear the gown, the front of the gown will NOT lay properly, i.e., it won't appear smooth and in can ride up in front. Therefore, it is imperative that you wear an 18th century style pair of stays underneath an 18th Century gown ONLY. The only exception to this is wearing 18th Century stays with a 16th Century gown. Both styles were similar in that they flatten the breast and push them upward to create the exquisite décolletage these eras were known for, and smooth out the torso. Many of my 16th Century clients wear a properly styled and fully-channeled pair stays made for 18th Century as a means of economics; rather than purchasing two separate corsets.

If you do not own a proper pair of stays you can add them to your order at the link below:

FASHION FABRICS INCLUDED - LIMITED TO COTTON PRINT. Fabric budgeted up to $20 a yard. If client chooses a fabric that exceeds that budget, they are responsible for the difference. See link for available fabrics. Be aware I cannot guarantee fabric from vendors will be in stock.

$240 - 12 yards of Dupioni Silk by Silk Baron, limited to 12 yards. If client wishes a higher grade silk than dupioni, they must pay the difference. . For larger gown sizes, if more fabric than 12 yards is needed the client pays the difference.

2 Yards cotton - Bodice Lining: $18.00
Up to 6 Yards Fusible cotton: $54.00
Industrial Hook and Eye tape - $5.00

LABOR: $660.00
TOTAL: $1,397.00

DEPOSIT REQUIRED: Non-refundable 20% deposit is required to hold a spot on my calendar. - Please check my availability before ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes or additions to the design can affect the labor fees.

QUALITY STANDARDS: Each Designs From Time ensemble is created to meet my exacting standards, and I am a perfectionist! All my bodices - whether working class or noble - are CUSTOM DRAFTED to fit each individual client. That service alone is a value of $150 for time and materials. My bodices are not cookie-cut patterns, nor do I approach my designs with a "one size fits most" concept using a commercial pattern source that you HOPE will fit. Rather than trying to make your body fit into a commercial pattern, I take the time and added effort to custom drape and draft a pattern to fit YOUR unique body. You may find reproduction clothing that is cheaper, but a bargain isn't a bargain if what you're buying is substandard workmanship. My designs are clothing NOT costume. My bodices are among the sturdiest your money can buy. They aren't two pieces of fabric slapped together with grommets that will tear away from the fabric after being worn a few times. I have developed a unique, tried and true method of anchoring my grommets so that they will NOT tear away from your fabrics. In addition, each grommet is also hand-couched using matching embroidery floss that is sealed to prevent fraying and will wear longer. All of my skirts are hemmed by HAND - they are not hemmed by the sewing machine! That, I feel, is a lazy cheat! There are many Couture (hand sewn) features in all of my work. It may take more time, but I take great pride in each piece I make. The quality you see pictured is the quality that you receive. I have one of the best reputations for quality and customer service in the industry. And I stand by my work.

Available in the following sizes Only:

2 (X-Small).
4 (X-Small/Small)
6 (Small).
8 (Medium).
10 (Medium).
12 (Large).
14 (Large-X-Large)
16. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

LISTED TURN-AROUND TIMES ARE SUBJECTIVE: I accept (and fill) orders on a "First Come, First Served" basis, no matter if paid in full at the time of purchase, and regardless of allotted timeline listed for turn-around by Etsy. Etsy does not provide the 3 - 4 month option that I require for construction, so listed turn around times are subjective.

I am consistently booked out about 9 to 10 months at a time so you will need to give yourself many months advance. Please contact me to check my availability. To be added to my schedule, I require a 20% non-refundable deposit to hold a reservation.


**Hand made items will have small imperfections.

No refunds. All Sales are final. Please read policies on lay away and non-refundable 20% deposit.

BODY CAST: As outlined in DFT’s policies, unless Buyer can appear for a live fitting, a body cast is a necessary step to producing a custom draped and drafted pattern. Buyer MUST wear the same corset/stays, chemise, bumrolls, panniers, etc., that will be worn with the finished gown to produce the necessary body cast. If Buyer is purchasing a corset from DFT, corset must be constructed FIRST. The construction of that corset is not included in the 90 days allotted time period for gown construction.

LISTING AND ORDERING SPECIFICATIONS: The listing above is an estimate of labor fees. Any changes made to the design by the client once deposit has been received or paid in full at the time of the order, can result in additional fees. No changes will be made by Designs From Time without Buyer’s expressed permission. All fabrics, notions, and supplies for the construction of this custom order shall be the responsibility of the buyer UNLESS items are marked “Retail” or otherwise specified. Any supplies purchased by Designs From Time during construction that are not listed above will be added in a “FINAL BILLING STATEMENT” and payment for supplies and any remaining labor fees shall be due upon completion of garment. Garments will not be shipped or released to Buyer until remaining balance is paid in full.


By placing an order with DFT, the BUYER has indicated they understand, and agree to the following policies and requirements as outlined below:

~ A non-refundable 20% Deposit is required to hold Buyer’s reservation on Designs From Time’s commission calendar.
~ The “date” offered for said reservation is NOT the completion date! It is the date work is SCHEDULED to begin. On average 90 days are required for gowns, coats, doublets, highly embroidered pieces, or full ensembles.

~ Designs From Time, hereafter called DFT, has limited time slots per annum, therefore, upon receipt of Buyer’s 20% deposit to hold their reservation, DFT will turn away any other potential clients that request a reservation. Furthermore, by the receipt of Buyer’s 20% deposit, there is an expectation, whether expressed or implied verbally or in writing, that buyer will, in good faith, honor the agreement and compensate DFT for the 3 to 4 months that has been reserved for Buyer on the reservation calendar, or any time spent in discussion, consultation, drawing up an estimate, sketching out design, and/or making fabric recommendations., etc., prior to order being placed. This means, if the buyer cancels for ANY reason, or causes any delays as specified further below, DFT will have suffered a financial loss and buyer forfeits ALL of their deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

~ After Buyer’s deposit has been received, or a purchase is made by paying in full, buyer will have 10 days in which to cancel to receive a partial refund of their deposit. A $100 consultation fee for time spent consulting, sketching, searching for recommended fabrics or embroidery, etc., will be deducted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

~ If BUYER cancels their order or their reservation, after 30 days BUYER agrees to pay $100 for consultation and estimate fees, plus $5 per day for each day reservation was held on DFT’s calendar.

~ IF BUYER cancels after 60 days of placing an order, BUYER AGREES that their action will result in the complete forfeiture of 20% deposit to cover consultation and estimate fees, the purchase of supplies if applicable, as well as to compensate DFT for any accrued labor, and lost income in reserving time slot on DFT‘s calendar, i.e., turning away other clients to accommodate buyer’s reservation. A $5 oer day fee for each day the reservation or order was held on DFT’s calendar will be deducted or billed to the BUYER.

~ Please allow no less than three (3) months prior to the scheduled reservation for purchasing/ordering fabric swatches, and final fabric choices.

Ship fabrics directly from vendor to:
Designs From Time
18407 100th Street Court East
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

- Lay Away Payments: Designs From Time accepts up to, but not exceeding, six (6) monthly payments on the balance of custom orders AFTER 20% non-refundable deposit has been received. Etsy’s format does not allow for this option; therefore, six (6) payments, that will be previously agreed upon and outlined in the work order, shall be made via PayPal to include a 1.9% additional service fee. BUYER accepts full responsibility for any risk or dispute incurred by these private PayPal payments. Buyer understands that DFT will send ONE invoice which will be set to make “multiple payments.” Buyer is solely responsible for keeping track of their monthly payments and understands they will not receive a monthly invoices. Should Buyer fail to make the allotted monthly payments, Buyer may be subject to penalty fees for late payment. Furthermore, item commissioned will NOT be shipped until the balance is paid in full and that payment has been successfully deposited into DFT’s bank account. Failure to uphold the Lay Away Agreement may result in confiscation of the item for default.
PET ALLERGIES: Please be advised, DFT is not a Pet-free environment; therefore, there may be indirect contact with Buyer’s garment and materials
BODY CAST OR MUSLIN TOILES: Body cast (made from painter’s tape and cellophane) is necessary to drape a custom garment, create a pattern, and (when necessary) provide a muslin toile (mock up). This toile, if needed, must be shipped to DFT no less than 30 days prior to the allotted reservation date (usually beginning at the first of the allotted month). A pattern will be draped and flat drafted using this cast - therefore it is imperative that Buyer has the correct stays. If the cast is not correctly done, a second will be requested and shipped at the Buyer's expense. Instructions will be given via video tutorial into the creation of said body cast.

~ If a Muslin Toile is sent to buyer for fitting and any alterations required to the pattern, this toile must be returned to DFT within TWO WEEKS of receipt. Delaying shipment will delay construction and may result in rescheduling Buyer’s reservation to the next available timeslot.

~ Buyer understands that this Muslin Toile needs to be “fitted” and marked by an experienced seamstress. Instructions for seamstress will be made available. If a live fitting with the designer of DFT is not possible, buyer is responsible for hiring the assistance of a seamstress in their home town.

~ If muslin toile is needed, Buyer MUST wear the same corset that will be worn with the gown, laced up to the exact measurements that were taken at the time the body cast was made. This body cast and muslin toile is the foundation or basis for the final garment pattern. Accurate fit is crucial!

~ If the muslin toile has not been properly fitted and gown is too small or too large, DFT will not be held liable for any alteration costs. Garments that are too small may require partial or full deconstruction and a new pattern to be drafted and cut out. Any additional labor will incur additional fees above and beyond the original labor estimate.
WEIGHT GAIN OR LOSS: If buyer’s weight fluctuates from the date the body cast and custom pattern is originally created, DFT will not be held liable for alteration fees as described in the above paragraph.

DELAYED SHIPPING FABRIC/TOILE: Should buyer delay in shipping DFT their fabrics, including the body cast, muslin toile, or any other crucial supplies or measurements, etc., necessary for the construction of the commissioned garment, and the Designer at DFT is unable to start construction on the date allotted (by the 1st of the allotted Month), DFT reserves the right to reschedule buyer’s order to the next available time slot. Due to scheduling constraints, preferential rescheduling, i.e., bumping other clients’ orders to accommodate Buyer’s delays is not available. All orders are filled on a first-come basis and in order received. DFT cannot ask other clients who are on the schedule to delay their orders due to any delays that are not the fault of the designer or DFT et al. If buyer’s delays have resulted in their garment being rescheduled, no refunds will be issued.

WEDDING GOWNS: For wedding gowns, DFT needs six (6) months for construction, fittings, pattern alterations, etc. Live fittings are highly recommended for proper fit. Any delays incurred by the Buyer can result in the delay of delivery for the bride’s wedding day. No refunds will be issued.

DEADLINES: Buyer is responsible for informing DFT of any events or deadlines prior to submitting their order. Once again, the reservation date when given to the buyer means work will BEGIN on that date and NOT BE COMPLETED on that date.

MINIMUM CONSTRUCTION TIME: DFT allows a minimum of 90 days for every ensemble/gown/coat or highly embroidered garment. The designer MUST have that entire amount, or more, depending upon the intricacy of the design work, to complete Buyer’s order. Any delays outlined in the body of this document that interferes with that allotted time, can and will result in the delay of delivery, and can affect the agreed upon delivery date.

CANCELLATIONS: Should Buyer cause a delay that requires the forfeiture of the scheduled reservation, it will be left to DFTs sole discretion whether or not to agree to reschedule Buyer for another time slot in the future and risk any further possible losses. DFT reserves the right to refuse future commissions if a Buyer has not been compliant with all Store policies, or has not made timely payments, or has caused a delay that resulted in the forfeiture of their reservation.

~ If an order has been canceled after Buyer has shipped fabrics to DFT, all fabrics purchased by buyer will be returned at the buyer’s expense - whether or not the garment pattern has been cut out. The cost for shipping and handling will be deducted from any payments buyer has made in addition to the non-refundable 20% deposit, any labor incurred, and the remainder will be refunded minus fees outlined previously.

~ If Buyer cancels an order and DFT has used fabrics that are in stock and buyer has already reimbursed DFT for the cost of those fabrics, and the pattern has already been cut out in that fabric, DFT will not refund the cost of fabric. Instead, fabrics will be shipped to buyer “as is” or unfinished, but ONLY if the cost of material has been paid in full.

~ If Buyer cancels an order and fabrics provided by DFT have not been reimbursed by the Buyer, whether or not they have been “cut out” pending construction, Buyer will be billed for the cost of these fabrics and fabrics will then be shipped “as is” to the Buyer at Buyer’s expense for shipping. If payment is not received prior to shipping, DFT reserves the right to deduct the cost of these materials from any eligible refund before shipping them to the Buyer at Buyer’s expense.

~ Please, be advised, once an item has been cut out of fabric, it cannot be used for another client. Each pattern is drafted individually using Buyer’s unique measurements and finding another buyer will not be possible. Therefore, if Buyer has not previously reimbursed DFT for fabrics and materials that were in stock, the unfinished garment will be considered property of DFT. If there are no eligible fees to refund, DFT will confiscate all fabrics and supplies to off-set the loss.

~ If client cancels order and construction has already begun, the cost of any accrued labor and/or fabrics or supplies provided by DFT to that point will be charged to the Buyer at an hourly fee of $20 per hour. If the accrued labor amount exceeds the 20% deposit and any additional payments that have been made, the Buyer will be responsible for the remaining amount. If Buyer fails to remit payment for these fees, Buyer will forfeit the 20% nonrefundable deposit, as well as any and all payments, and any and all fabrics and/or unfinished garment in the possession of DFT.

REIMBURSEMENT FOR SUPPLIES: DFT reserves the right to bill Buyer for any and all supplies purchased “during” construction. Buyer agrees to remit reimbursement within 7 days of notification of the incurred debt. DFT will provide copies of receipts to the Buyer for said purchases upon request for items, but only for items purchased prior to or during construction. Buyer understands it is at the sole discretion of DFT to bill supplies in a lump sum on the final billing statement for items not provided in the attached or original work order/estimate. Buyer understands the listed “supplies” on the original work order/estimate are “estimated” and receipts will not be provided to the Buyer for those supplies.

DEFAULT OF LAYAWAY CONTRACT: If Buyer has opted to use a Lay Away or Installment contract, and defaults on one or more payments – whether or not the missed or defaulted payments occur consecutively – DFT reserves the right to place the contract in default and Buyer forfeits the non-refundable 20% deposit. In addition, if construction has begun and labor fees have accrued, Buyer will forfeit any payments made in addition to the deposit to cover any and all accrued labor fees at a charge of $20 per hour.

~ If Buyer defaults on the Lay Away or Installment contract by missing one or more payments during the life of the contract, and the gown/ensemble has been completed or nearing completion, and the total payments made do not cover the accrued labor of $20 per hour, Buyer will forfeit the garment in possession of DFT will attempt to sell the garment to try and recoup any losses.

~ Please be advised, DFT reserves the right to refuse or cancel commissions that are purchased without consulting with the designer prior to purchase based on: buyer’s failure to contact DFT to check on availability PRIOR TO purchase, buyer’s past history of reliability in complying with store policies. If Buyer has canceled an order with DFT in the past that was “not” due to extreme hardship, i.e., loss of job, loss of life, hospitalization, etc., on the Buyers part, DFT reserves the right to decline any future orders from that Buyer. If a returning client has previously defaulted on payments, or failed to make timely payments with DFT, or been difficult to communicate with, it is the sole discretion of DFT to cancel the order and refund the balance paid.

~ DFT reserves the right to decline a commission based on artistic differences but does not discriminate or refuse any commissions based on gender, age, religion, race, or sexual orientation.

~ Please be advised, upon completion of garment and receipt of final billing statement, if any outstanding balance remains, buyer will have no more than 7 days to remit payment in full for the remaining balance. Please note that failure to remit payment in full for the finished garment within this allotted time frame, or a date agreed upon in writing or via email, or instant Message by both buyer and DFT, can result in the forfeiture of the garment without refunding Buyer’s deposit and any and all payments that have been received to date.

~ All items are packed and shipped carefully; however, damages can occur during shipping. Designs From Time, et al, will not be held liable for any delays incurred by USPS due to pandemics, natural disasters, or incompetence on the part of postal workers. Any damaged or lost packages during shipping will not be replaced by DFT. Once the item has been posted at USPS, DFT is not liable for any lost packages, damaged packages, or packages that were delivered to the wrong address. DFT STRONGLY RECOMMENDS Buyer purchases enough insurance to cover the cost of your item.

~ Hats and millinery products have the highest potential to be damaged in shipping (i.e., bent or crushed). While each piece is carefully packaged, if Buyer suffers a loss during shipping, DFT will work with the Buyer to try to recreate your item, however, DFT does not offer refunds for damaged or lost items. Buyer MUST purchase insurance prior to shipping in the amount above and beyond the allotted amount by USPS if you wish to be reimbursed for the loss.

~If Buyer finds their item is damaged during delivery (due to negligent handling on the part of the carrier), Buyer should immediately file a claim with the carrier and then contact DFT to schedule a “Paid Remake.” DFT will not remake your item for free. Buyer will need to use their reimbursement to pay DFT to recreate your item. Buyer’s “Paid Remake” will be placed in the queue upon the next availability. Be advised due to availability constraints that can take up to a year! Be advised, because DFT’s designs are one-of-a-kind, it may not be possible to find the exact materials used in the original.

~ FREE SHIPPING for all Etsy commissions inside the USA via USPS ground.
~ EXPEDITED shipping - - See “Shipping Upgrades” below.
~ Extra insurance above the $50 provided by USPS Ground is the responsibility of the buyer!!
~ Any and all International buyers are fully responsible for shipping fees, customs fees, and any
and all taxes.
~ All items are shipped in protective wrap. I do not use newspaper or colored paper as it might
bleed ink onto the fabric.

~ DFT ships USPS ground if local (WA), and Priority Mail for orders out of state.
~ EXPEDITED shipping must be pre-paid in advance and received by DFT before item will be shipped.
~ If upgraded shipping has not been previously purchased by the buyer, DFT will ship item USPS

~ It is highly recommended that the Buyer purchase additional insurance!
~ Items shipped via USPS are insured for an amount of $50. Buyer is responsible for purchasing extra insurance, and it must be pre-paid in advance. DFT will not offer the option of “reimbursement.”


~ Refunds and exchanges are issued at the sole discretion of DFT, and only on a case-by-case basis, but ONLY if the item has not previously been worn.

~ Because millinery and clothing items are ALL custom ordered and hand-made, Buyer can expect that there WILL be slight imperfections. It is impossible to produce hand-crafted artwork without some imperfections; therefore, it is DFT’s policy not to offer a refund or exchanges for small imperfections that Buyer might find on close inspection. Even mass-produced manufactured items have imperfections; therefore, Buyer can expect a hand-crafted item to be imperfect.

~ For sanitation purposes, DFT cannot issue refunds or exchanges on clothing or millinery items once they have been shipped to Buyer. Once Buyer has received the item, DFT has no way of knowing whether or not the item has been worn prior to being returned; therefore, DFT would have to sell the returned or exchanged item as "used" and suffer a loss.

~ If the Buyer’s fabric is irreparably damaged "during construction,” i.e., sewing machine oil spills, embroidery machine mishaps, mechanical errors that damages the fabric during construction, in this instance, DFT will refund the cost for the yardage or replace the fabric for that section; but ONLY if it is proven that the damage occurred "prior" to shipment.

~ In the case of fire, flood, natural disaster, or damage while garment is in the possession of DFT, refunds will be issued ONLY if covered by the owner’s personal Home Owners Insurance. Acknowledgement, agreement, and understanding on the part of the Buyer regarding this risk is implied by the receipt of Buyer’s 20% deposit.

Refunds or Exchanges will not be issued for the following:

REFUNDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Due to the fact that each order is custom made to fit each client, refunds are not an option. Furthermore, exchanges will NOT be issued for:

~ Weight gain or weight loss.

~ Wrong measurements provided by Buyer.

~ If designer at DFT is unable to meet with Buyer to do a live fitting and take measurements, the Designer at DFT will base the garment on the measurements and body cast that Buyer provides DFT. If the body cast is incorrectly constructed, or if buyer gains or loses weight during the time the item is being constructed (after body cast is created or muslin toile is fitted), no refunds or exchanges are offered.

~ Buyer changes his/her mind on design style, color choices after receiving finished garment - i.e., decides after receipt it doesn't suit their body style, etc.

- Buyer purchases custom made items and then decides they no longer want it, or can't afford the item. In such a case, if work has begun or is completed, DFT will retain any and all fees paid by Buyer for labor and materials UP to that date.


~ Unless item is marked “Retail” Buyer is responsible for providing ALL fabrics and notions for gown and/or men’s ensembles.

~ DFT stringently recommends Buyer has ordered swatches before ordering and shipping fabrics.

~ All labor fees and materials provided by Designs From Time are non-refundable and are not subject to exchange or refunds.


~ 99% of DFT’s listings are custom orders. On rare occasions samples are sold. Samples purchased are not "used" items; in other words, they have never been worn, but only photographed on a mannequin head. If Buyer purchases a ready-made sample, Buyer will be given the exact measurements of the constructed piece before purchasing it. Once Buyer receives said ready-made item and it doesn't fit properly, or Buyer decides the color doesn't match, or doesn’t like the way it looks when worn, etc, again, for sanitation purposes DFT cannot re-sell it as a "new" item; therefore, a restocking fee of 30% of the cost of the item is necessary and will be deducted from the amount of the purchase.


~ It is NOT recommended that Buyers attempt to lose weight after placing an order for a gown/ensemble. It is DFTs recommendation that Buyer postpone their order and work on weight loss goals prior to starting the commissioned garment.

~ Many times, due to schedule constraints on DFT’s calendar, several months may pass between Buyer’s original order being placed and the actual construction/completion of the purchased garment. DFT will be working off the aforementioned body cast, and measurements provided by BUYER as requested and outlined by PDF file attached in THIS thread or on DFTs website, as well as any alterations necessary if a muslin toile is used.

~ Please be advised, DFT can offer no guarantees that the garment can be altered if Buyer loses or gains weight after the body cast has been created and gown construction has begun or has been completed. The loss or increase of weight affects the original pattern and fit. Minor alterations of ¼ to ½ inch are possible IF the garment is too big. If a garment is too small, as described in previous paragraphs, it may be necessary to deconstruct the garment and start over, creating a NEW garment AND additional fees will be applied at a cost of $20 per garment/pattern piece. The same applies if too much weight has been lost. Weight loss is distributed throughout the entire body and affects the overall pattern fit – specifically the width of the bodice and the width of the neckline such as those of Tudor or Elizabethan design where the front is “one piece,” and in resizing the waist of the skirt. There is much more to taking-in a garment than taking in the side seams; therefore, the original garment may not be alterable. NO REFUNDS will be issued.

~ If buyer loses or gains weight (whether or not the Buyer is aware of that weight gain or weight loss) after DFT has received the original body cast or after garment completion, any alterations necessary are not covered in the original cost or the quoted labor fees. Any necessary alterations due to weight gain or weight loss will be offered at an additional fee of $20 per hour at the Buyer’s sole expense; otherwise, garment will be shipped “as is” to the Buyer. DFT will not be held liable for debt incurred by Buyer to hire or outsource alterations.

~ Gown/Ensemble will be made to the exact specifications at the onset of the commission – i.e., measurements sent to DFT by the Buyer and the body cast; therefore, it is NOT recommended that the Buyer attempt to lose weight during construction – or gains any weight after gown commission has been received.

~ If buyer loses weight following the receipt of the completed commissioned garment, DFT will offer alteration services for additional fee of $20 per hour. However, BUYER accepts the risks that the garment may not be able to be altered.

~ If Buyer has knowledge of lost or gained weight prior to the garment completion, please, contact DFT to consult with the designer as to whether or not the garment can be successfully altered or if a new garment must be constructed at BUYER’S expense.


DFT will provide a list of vendors that have been vetted for quality and customer service. However, buyer orders from these vendors at their own risk.


Too many times when shopping for fabrics on-line clients make their choices without first purchasing swatches. But the color seen on the computer monitor is NOT the actual color of the fabric. I have yet to purchase any fabric that turned out to be exactly the color I thought it was, based on the appearance of the picture I viewed on the website. Please....You absolutely MUST order swatches! You cannot match your colors without them!! Those of my clients who have tried, have ended up with a completely different color pallet, and I've had to exchange them - or worse, my client ended up with fabric they couldn't use.


~ In order for Buyer to ship fabrics to the DFT no less than two months in advance of construction, it is recommend that Buyers begin ordering swatches well in advance of reservation date, i.e, 3 to 4 months in advance.

~ Please, do NOT wait until the date of your scheduled reservation/construction is to begin to order fabrics. The entire allotted time for construction, as outlined in all previous communication and in the attached work order, is necessary; therefore, Buyer will need to plan ahead and allow for any and all possible issues with back-ordered fabrics, or exchanging fabrics that might be the wrong color, or delays in shipping fabrics due to inclimate weather or natural disasters that delay shipment. .

~ A delay in ordering fabrics too close, or upon the scheduled date construction is to commence, can result in Buyer’s order being rescheduled for the next open timeslot; which can be up to several months to a year, depending upon DFT’s availability.

~ Please be aware that if Buyer delays shopping for fabrics until after reservation date commences, this will cut into necessary production time. DFT has other clients on the schedule who have also been waiting many month. DFT will not delay the construction of other scheduled orders to accommodate any lost time due to delays on behalf of the Buyer that can be avoided by careful and thoughtful preparation.

~ DFT does not offer refunds for delays resulting in forfeiture of Buyer’s original reservation.

~ DFT cannot accommodate lost time due to procrastination, monetary constraints, or lost shipments, etc.


Buyer understands, acknowledges, agrees, and do hereby give their full consent that upon receipt of their 20% non-refundable deposit, or the receipt of payment in full, to DFT for the custom item described and outlined in the attached work order above, that Christine Helman, proprietor of Designs From Time (hereafter referred to as DFT) shall correctly interpret any payment/payments made at the time of purchase, as my IMPLIED CONSENT even though Buyer’s signature does not appear in this document. Buyer further understands and AGREES that by receipt of a non-refundable deposit, or payment in full for garment commission, that it shall be inferred by Christine Helman, proprietor of Designs From Time, that BUYER hereby gives my IMPLIED CONSENT to ALL the applicable policies in their entirety herein provided - whether or not BUYER actually read them, or whether or not agreement or implied consent has been specifically expressed verbally by BUYER in any communication regarding said work order by phone, Skype, text message, instant message, messenger on Etsy, or any form of communication in writing/email/ private message on Etsy, Facebook, or any on-line sources, or through the contact info via DFT’s website, and is, therefore, considered to be valid and binding. Furthermore, the BUYER understands, acknowledges and agrees that it is their sole responsibility to familiarize themselves with all applicable policies and procedures and any stipulations that pertain and apply to this custom work order PRIOR to remitting a non-refundable deposit, or upon entering into a Lay Away contract, or payment plan, or paying for their item in full.

Shipping from United States

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom and personalized orders

ALL of our GOWNS are one-of-a-kind couture, and custom drafted to fit your personal measurements! Most vendors on Etsy offer multiples, i.e., cranking out the same gown over, and over; however, we do not repeat the same gown. Rather, we will take a style you like and customize it for your personal tastes using our superior craftsmanship and knowledge for historical clothing and construction. All of the samples you see listed in our store can be personalized. Additionally, all of our accessories (hats, smocks, corsets/stays) are customized to fit your measures as well. While you may find CHEAPER versions of gowns offered by other vendors, one glance at OUR work will reflect the disparity between a so-called bargain and true quality.

How does the Layaway option work?

With a 20% non-refundable deposit, you can reserve a slot on our calendar. The remaining balance can be parceled out into six (6) automated monthly payments via PayPal on any item valued at $800 or more. We've lowered our deposit from 40% to 20% to make it more affordable for our clients. Details are included in a contract for your protection.

What's your lead time for commissions?

We are blessed to stay busy! Our calendar is filled at least 8 to 10 months - or more - in advance. It's best to give us NO LESS than 6 months advance notice, but optimally longer! - especially for bridal gowns and highly detailed ensembles. Depending on the intricacy of your gown commission it can take up to 12 to 14 weeks just for construction. Because most of our pieces are highly detailed with custom embroidered fabrics and beading, we need every second! We squeeze accessories and corsets into our gown commission schedule and usually need no less than 3 months advance for those smaller items. It is best to inquire before ordering. We will make every effort possible to assist in your deadline.

Do you ship outside the USA?

We will ship outside the USA - However, because our clothing is customized there will be added shipping expenses. We work off a "body cast" created from Painters Tape and Cellophane wrap which must be created in your era appropriate corset (for women). This cast is shipped to us at the customer's expense. Any customs fees or taxes are the responsibility of the client, as well as any insurance.

I love this gown! - - How much is it?

All of our gowns priced in the listing reflect a specific "style detail" and "level of embellishment." We don't crank out the same gowns over and over and scrimp on quality craftsmanship. Unless specified in the listing details, all the gowns are priced for LABOR ONLY. Fashion fabrics for gowns are provided by the client. We charge by the pattern piece (every piece we physically sew together) rather than hourly, so the MORE details in the gown, the higher the price. If you're on a tight budget, you can order a basic gown without all the extras for about $800 for labor. Rather than compromise on quality of craftsmanship, choose a simplified gown from US rather than go bargain shopping and be disappointed in the quality.

Do you take commissions for 18th and 19th Century as well?

YES! YES! YES! We are well versed in the construction and fitting for other eras, namely 18th Century! Our niche has been 16th Century, but we ABSOLUTELY can create men's and women's ensembles for other eras, to include 1940s Vintage. In fact, we appreciate the divergence as we stay so booked in the 16th Century we don't' have the opportunity to "play" with samples.

Added Value Service for BRIDES!

We have carved out a niche for highly detailed, custom fit/drafted bridal gowns (historical themed). Because this gown is the highlight of your wedding and there are too many HORROR STORIES we hear from our clients who have used other, less reputable (but cheaper) vendors here on Etsy, we offer live, personal fittings anywhere in the United States or Canada. If you wish to avail yourself of this service, we will attach the cost of our flight and hotel to come to YOU! No more guess work. No more disappointments or risk of ordering your gown on line. We will shop for the best flight prices - flying coach - to help keep your costs at a minimum.

I ordered a gown with another vendor and was SO disappointed!

It sickens us, every time we hear the horror stories from clients who initially think they cannot afford one our gowns so they go to another vendor, for what sounds like a bargain, but the gown falls apart because the quality of craftsmanship is so poor. They inevitably come back to us but have now wasted $400 on a so-called "bargain." At DFT, we have built a reputation on SUPERIOR craftsmanship and Customer Service. There is no reason to go bargain hunting elsewhere! Don't let the prices in our store scare you. We can offer a basic gown for around $800. So, pay a little more initially and let US offer you a basic gown made with superior craftsmanship that will last many years. A bargain isn't' a bargain if the craftsmanship is poor!

Are Fabrics Included in your listings?

The majority of our listing prices are for Labor Fees ONLY and requires the client to purchase their fashion fabrics and ship it to us at their expense. We DO all the legwork for you during the consult process - sourcing quality fabrics and trims. Unless the listing specifically states "Retail" or "Fabrics Included" the client should be prepared to add the cost of fabrics to their budget.

Embroidery Labor vs Construction Labor:

Embroidery Labor is separate from Construction Labor. We charge the industry standard for embroidery, which is $1.00 per 1000 stitches. Embroidery patterns vary in their intricacy, color changes, and stitch counts. Patterns that are dense, or have multiple colors, will have higher stitch counts.

Construction Labor is our fee to actually construct your garment. Many times the embroidery labor far exceeds the actual construction time.

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