Elizabethan Costume:

Caul w/ Embroidered Band

This sweet little caul is a stunning addition to an Italian Flat Cap, a Toque, or Slanted Riding Hat. Fashioned from 100% cotton and embroidered with in your choice of this gorgeous border pattern - reproduced from Queen Elizabeth -1 bible cover. *Available in linen for an additional $10.00.

$35.00 (Retail)

Elizabethan Costume:

Arched Riding Hat


Custom, handmade Elizabethan style riding hats fashioned in silk, silk velvet, cotton velveteen or brocades in various styles. Most include a small cluster of 8 to 9" feathers:

Option A: Pointed Base (As pictured)  

Option B:  Anne Boleyn

$149.00 (Retail)

img src="htt0ps://www.DesignsFromTime.com/RenaissanceMillinery.jpg" alt="Elizabethan Costume"/

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$260.00 (Retail) Option A

$284.00 (Retail) Option B

Option A: Silk, Embroidery, Pearls & Small Feather Clusters:   $173.69

Elizabethan Costume: 

Attifet Headdress

Item #: WTH071014

This beautiful headdress is a Designs From Time original, sold exclusively here or in my Etsy store. After scouring the internet for many years, and never finding any vendors in the US, UK, or anywhere in the world, who sells this headdress pattern or the finished product, I drafted my own! Available in either double or single row option. Pictures shows gold-plated filigree components for billiments, and authentic freshwater pearls!  Now you can own this stunning jeweled headdress coveted from the hit series "The Tudors."  Available in either single or double rows.

**Jeweled brooch not included

$198.00 (Retail) - Single

$215.00 (Retail) - Double

Elizabethan Costume:

"Toque" Brimless Hat

ID# EBT021714

Authentic reproduction as worn by Queen Elizabeth in the black and white sketch, is made of 100% Cotton Velveteen and embellished with filigree components in either antique, gold or silver plate. Freshwater cultured pearls, braid and jacquard trims decorate this elegant piece. Includes ONE small ostrich plume with a silver or gold-toned aglet.  Add embroidered embellishment for $15.00

**Hat pictured is fashioned from Silk Velvet. Available for additional cost of $20.00

$139.00 (Retail)

Option C: Silk or Silk Velvet, Ribbon Cockcade, Small Feather Cluster & Gold Toned Finding   $176.21

Designs From Time

Elizabethan Costume: 

Men's / Women's Tall Hat

Item #:EBTH071514

100% Silk, pleated crown or smooth fitted covering in your color choice. Hat band embellished with your choice of 8 gold plated brass, silver plated, copper plated, or antique gold finish components, decorated with authentic freshwater pearls. One cream 18 inch Ostrich plume with gold or silver toned aglet is included. 

$153.00 (Retail)

img src="htt0ps://www.DesignsFromTime.com/RenaissanceMillinery.jpg" alt="Elizabethan Costume"/

Renaissance Costume

Elizabethan Costume:


Item #: ECE070914

This beautiful jeweled headdress is another unique accessory sold exclusively at Designs From Time. I have hand drafted and reproduced this piece from this black and white sketch, but the embellishments are endless!  **Trim for second sample in slideshow is $35 per yard. 1.5 yards needed. Add this amount when ordering.

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$237.27 (Retail)

Elizabethan Costume

Heart Shaped Attifet


This beautiful headdress is another Designs From Time original, sold exclusively here or in my Etsy store. Just like my jeweled attifet listed above, I spent many hours scouring the internet for vendors in the US, UK who offered this iconic headdress made famous from several Queen Elizabeth I portraits. Each is a one-of-a kind design made to match your gown. Now you can own this stunning jeweled headdress fit for a Queen. Each one is OOAK. Trims & embellishments vary.

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Elizabethan Costume:

Goldwork or Redwork Caul

Item #EGWC041314

100% Silk embroidered Caul with your choice of Gold, Silver, or Bronze metallic thread. Also available in Black, Red, Blue, Brown, or Pink embroidery.

Add freshwater pearls for an additional fee of $24.00

$45.00 (Retail)

Option B: Plain Silk (no embroidery) or Brocade with Ribbon Cockcade, Small Feather Cluster   $147.18

Add 18" Ostrich Plume for $15.00

Add Gold Toned Finding for $8.00

Add Embroidery for $5.00

Elizabethan Costume:

French Hood

Item #:  FH071014

Your choice of color & trims. Each one is a one-of-a-kind; no two are exactly alike. Billiments and embellishments are faux pearls, glass Italian beads, & gold or silver plated filigree components. The pointed base allows for stability and comfort of wear. Hair-comb is sewninside to assist in keeping it in place. **Authentic cultured freshwater pearls are available. Approximately $20 per strand, depending on the size.

Millinery Work

Elizabethan Costume:

16th Century Coif Cap

Item #EBC060915

100% Linen coif cap with black work embroidery on the front band only. Several blackwork patterns available.

$38.00 (Retail)

Custom made 16th Century millinery fashions

by Designs From Time.