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5 Piece Early Tudor Gown, Kirtle, Undersleeves, & Over-Partlet

The gown in the sketch features an authentic Early Tudor style gown (Henry VIII) which includes; a custom drafted bodice, bell sleeves embellished with embroidery, decorative undersleeves in custom embroidery, one-piece kirtle with lightweight metal stays, cartridge pleated over-skirt, and over-partlet with embroidery embellishment on the front facing and pleated ruffle on the collar. Add jeweled/pearled neckline to the bodice for additional fees.

$993.00 (Labor Fees)

Tudor Costume

Diane DePoiters Gown 

Item #DDPG112413 

This gown  was inspired by the painting of Diane De Poiters, a prominent noblewoman and legitimate mistress of Henry II, King of France from 1534 to 1559.  Gown Includes: Plain bodice with front cut-out; false-sleeve (not shown), Tudor sleeve, over-skirt with cartridge pleating; hand-quilted forepart, and velveteen over-partlet. 38  *Add embroidery for additional fee of $5 to $10 per design.  ***Elizabethan style corset is required  unless you wish to add an authentic Kirtle.

$870.00 USD (Labor Fees)

Allow 3 months for delivery

*Please check my availability before ordering.

(40% non-refundabl deposit $228)