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Christine Helman, Costume Designer
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Designs From Time Period  Costumes

 I invite you to browse my Gallery,  and peruse my current  Works In Progress,  as well as my newest  Historical Embroidery Reproductions pages.


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Designs From Time is the purveyor of finely crafted, custom Historical Clothing reproductions and haberdashery from the 16th through the 19th Centuries; specializing in costuming for Historical Reenactments, Theater, Film Productions, Costume Balls, and Historically Themed Weddings.

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If you don't see what you're looking for don't be disappointed; tell me what you need! You dream it, I'll design it!  Contact me with your ideas and together we will create a one-of-a-kind ensemble just for you!  

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 As a historical clothing designer I am privileged to live out my passion one stitch at a time! While my Renaissance Costumes have been those in highest demand, I also offer clothing for many other eras; including authentic Victorian

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img src="htt0ps://" alt="Elizabethan Costume"/

Striving for historical authenticity is my ultimate goal, but my challenge is to remain flexible and meld the "historical purist" with my client's vision or "fantasy." My mission as a professional is to offer finely crafted, bespoke historical clothing and bridal gowns. My designs are unique, highly detailed Haute Couture, featuring authentically drafted patterns; embellishments using historical embroidery reproductions; and original, hand-drafted Millinery designs exclusively available through my brand.  

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bustledresses for Steampunk, 18th Century reproductions from films (Outlander), Regency, 1940s Vintage, and Fantasy - all fashioned with my personal commitment to excellence.

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img src="htt0ps://" alt="ElizabethanCostume" /
img src="htt0ps://" alt="Elizabethan Costume"/

Continuing my education at the

New York Fashion Academy in Seattle

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