Women's 3 Piece Elizabethan Kirtle, Renaissance Dress, Custom Drafted (Made To Order) INCLUDES FABRICS - Linen Only


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3 Piece Elizabethan Kirtle, Renaissance Dress, Custom Drafted (Made To Order) INCLUDES FABRICS

Please contact me to check my availability before purchasing.

BE ADVISED: a 30% Non-Refundable deposit is required. Should the buyer default by not providing color choice, measurements, and the required upper body cast 1 month prior to the start date of your reservation, your order will be cancelled and you will be billed via PayPal for any fabrics purchased.


NOTE: An authentically styled Tudor/Elizabethan kirtle or bodice DOES NOT have gores, a.k.a., side panels in the bodice that conform to a woman's figure. Side panels will not give you the proper silhouette - which is flat and smooth.

Available in this listing is a custom drafted French, Flemmish, English, or Italian styled Elizabethan era kirtle. Your choice of back or front laced, COMES IN LINEN ONLY. Skirt has three panels of 58" wide linen and is knife pleated with side opening with up to two rows of contrasting colored linen bands. Grommets are hand couched in a matching color. I use a .000 size grommet so that it appears more historically accurate but offers durability.


MEDIUM WEIGHT: https://fabrics-store.com/all-fabrics?article=IL019

ATTENTION: The green pictured is no longer available. **OUT OF STOCK**

RUSTIC WEIGHT: (More historically accurate but limited colors): https://fabrics-store.com/all-fabrics?article=4C22


- Detachable pinner sleeves

- **Custom drafted bodice to fit your unique figure - NOT A COMMERCIAL PATTERN. Complete with modesty panel and hand-couched grommets. (See Size Chart below).

- Separate knife pleated skirt inset in a waistband with two rows of colored bands at the bottom.

This is the perfect ensemble for your working-class character at faire! Elevate your character at faire and graduate from the ubiquitous wench to an AUTHENTIC styled 16th Century woman. Pair it with an English flat cap and a coif, or a straw hat.


5 yards of Italian Linen $111.71
1 yard contrasting linen $16.77
1 yards Cotton duck for bodice $8.00
Fusible Horse Hair Canvas Interfacing $8.00
Up to 24 Grommets - couched $4.00


Fabrics & Notions: $148.48
Couched Grommets: $30.00
Labor for construction: $320.00

**Custom drafted bodice pattern is not shipped to client but is kept on file in my workshop.

If your dress size and skirt length requires more than 5 yards of linen, client is responsible for covering the cost of any additional linen purchased (at a cost of $17.00 per yard) - usually no more than two yards extra is necessary.

PLEASE READ! I take (and fill) orders on a First Come, First Served basis, no matter if paid in full at the time of purchase and regardless timeline listed. Please contact me before ordering in order to check my availability. Allow 2 months for construction.

Available in the following sizes Only:

We custom draft our bodices so size isn't necessarily accurate: We work off an upper body cast. Tutorial and more info available.

USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UK
2 (X-Small). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
4 (X-Small/Small) . . . . . . . . . . 6
6 (Small). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
8 (Medium). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
10 (Medium). . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
12 (Large). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
14 (Large-X-Large). . . . . . . . . .16
16 (X-Large/1X) . . . . . . . . . . . .18
18 (1X/2X). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
20 (2X) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

HISTORY OF THE KIRTLE: Before the corset (stays) women wore a "Kirtle." Kirtles began as loose garments without a waist seam known as Coetardie, and later changed to tightly fitted supportive garments in the 14th century. During the reign of Henry VIII, kirtles were constructed by attaching a fitted, stayed (boned) bodice with a skirt that was gathered or pleated into the waist seam. The fitted bodice was stiffened with a layer of "buckram" as well as reeds and bents.

During the 1530s, the decorative skirt of the kirtles worn under gowns underwent a change: instead of an entire decorated underkirtle, a separate, decorated "kirtle" skirt could be worn under the outer gown. There are also references in early 16th century Spain of a "vasquina" bodice being tied to a farthingale or stiffened skirt. Kirtles were part of fashionable attire in the middle sixteenth century, and remained part of country, working, or middle-class clothing into the seventeenth century. Later in the 1500s, the bodice and skirt were worn as separates - as shown in this listing. These fitted bodices were the impetus for the invention of the corset.

In England, Kirtles were worn under an overdress for middle-class and nobility, and were commonly made of red silk. Later, when the fitted bodice and underskirt were worn as separates, the "skirt" transformed into "farthingales." Farthingales were stiffened by rings of reeds to give the quintessential cone shape, and worn under the gowns of the upper classes. Kirtles could lace up the front, the back or on the side-back, with some rare cases of side lacing (under the arms); all depending on the fashion of the day and the country one belonged, as well as what kind of gown was to be worn over it.

NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR CLIENTS: I am consistently booked out 12 to 15+ months at a time. Please contact me to check my availability before ordering. To be added to my schedule, I now require a 30% non-refundable deposit to hold a reservation. Client MUST choose their fabrics THREE months prior to their reservation date to allow for the purchase of swatches and to order fabric. If fabric is not included in your purchase, client will be responsible for their purchase and must be shipped to me and received no LESS than TWO months in advance of your reservation. Upper body cast is required wearing the appropriate corset. Tutorial will be provided for the cast. Cast must be received TWO months in advance of your reservation. If there is a delay on your end, rescheduling is no longer guaranteed, due to abuses of my time and clients ghosting on their reservation and failure to respond to my communication on Etsy. All communication must take place via Etsy in order to comply with their policies. If a client has paid in full at the time of purchase, rather than placed a deposit, and they do not follow the above guidelines or fail to respond to my messages in a timely fashion causing a delay, their order will be placed on a permanent hold until requirements have been met. This includes failure to respond to messages on Etsy, failure to provide any and all measurements necessary at the time reservation is taken and the time period prior to the date work is to commence, failure to comply with time allotment for the purchase and shipment of fabrics. No refunds will be issued. Store credit will be issued only. To be rescheduled, once you have missed your deadlines, clients will be required to pay an additional 30% non-refundable deposit to compensate for my loss. Rescheduling means I have lost income whilst turning away other clients to accommodate your reservation. Please be advised, any client that ghosts on their reservation or causes a delay, and is subsequently cancelled, future reservations with Designs From Time will no longer be accepted.

I take (and fill) orders for gowns, coats, and ensembles on a First Come basis, no matter if paid in full at the time of purchase and regardless of the 9 to 10 week timeline listed for turn-around. Etsy does not provide the 3 - 4 month option that I require for construction of detailed pieces.

**Handmade items will have small imperfections.

**No refunds. All Sales are final.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom and personalized orders

ALL of our GOWNS are one-of-a-kind couture, and custom drafted to fit your personal measurements! Most vendors on Etsy offer multiples, i.e., cranking out the same gown over, and over; however, we do not repeat the same gown. Rather, we will take a style you like and customize it for your personal tastes using our superior craftsmanship and knowledge for historical clothing and construction. All of the samples you see listed in our store can be personalized. Additionally, all of our accessories (hats, smocks, corsets/stays) are customized to fit your measures as well. While you may find CHEAPER versions of gowns offered by other vendors, one glance at OUR work will reflect the disparity between a so-called bargain and true quality.

How does the Layaway option work?

With a 20% non-refundable deposit, you can reserve a slot on our calendar. The remaining balance can be parceled out into six (6) automated monthly payments via PayPal on any item valued at $800 or more. We've lowered our deposit from 40% to 20% to make it more affordable for our clients. Details are included in a contract for your protection.

What's your lead time for commissions?

We are blessed to stay busy! Our calendar is filled at least 8 to 10 months - or more - in advance. It's best to give us NO LESS than 6 months advance notice, but optimally longer! - especially for bridal gowns and highly detailed ensembles. Depending on the intricacy of your gown commission it can take up to 12 to 14 weeks just for construction. Because most of our pieces are highly detailed with custom embroidered fabrics and beading, we need every second! We squeeze accessories and corsets into our gown commission schedule and usually need no less than 3 months advance for those smaller items. It is best to inquire before ordering. We will make every effort possible to assist in your deadline.

Do you ship outside the USA?

We will ship outside the USA - However, because our clothing is customized there will be added shipping expenses. We work off a "body cast" created from Painters Tape and Cellophane wrap which must be created in your era appropriate corset (for women). This cast is shipped to us at the customer's expense. Any customs fees or taxes are the responsibility of the client, as well as any insurance.

I love this gown! - - How much is it?

All of our gowns priced in the listing reflect a specific "style detail" and "level of embellishment." We don't crank out the same gowns over and over and scrimp on quality craftsmanship. Unless specified in the listing details, all the gowns are priced for LABOR ONLY. Fashion fabrics for gowns are provided by the client. We charge by the pattern piece (every piece we physically sew together) rather than hourly, so the MORE details in the gown, the higher the price. If you're on a tight budget, you can order a basic gown without all the extras for about $800 for labor. Rather than compromise on quality of craftsmanship, choose a simplified gown from US rather than go bargain shopping and be disappointed in the quality.

Do you take commissions for 18th and 19th Century as well?

YES! YES! YES! We are well versed in the construction and fitting for other eras, namely 18th Century! Our niche has been 16th Century, but we ABSOLUTELY can create men's and women's ensembles for other eras, to include 1940s Vintage. In fact, we appreciate the divergence as we stay so booked in the 16th Century we don't' have the opportunity to "play" with samples.

Added Value Service for BRIDES!

We have carved out a niche for highly detailed, custom fit/drafted bridal gowns (historical themed). Because this gown is the highlight of your wedding and there are too many HORROR STORIES we hear from our clients who have used other, less reputable (but cheaper) vendors here on Etsy, we offer live, personal fittings anywhere in the United States or Canada. If you wish to avail yourself of this service, we will attach the cost of our flight and hotel to come to YOU! No more guess work. No more disappointments or risk of ordering your gown on line. We will shop for the best flight prices - flying coach - to help keep your costs at a minimum.

I ordered a gown with another vendor and was SO disappointed!

It sickens us, every time we hear the horror stories from clients who initially think they cannot afford one our gowns so they go to another vendor, for what sounds like a bargain, but the gown falls apart because the quality of craftsmanship is so poor. They inevitably come back to us but have now wasted $400 on a so-called "bargain." At DFT, we have built a reputation on SUPERIOR craftsmanship and Customer Service. There is no reason to go bargain hunting elsewhere! Don't let the prices in our store scare you. We can offer a basic gown for around $800. So, pay a little more initially and let US offer you a basic gown made with superior craftsmanship that will last many years. A bargain isn't' a bargain if the craftsmanship is poor!

Are Fabrics Included in your listings?

The majority of our listing prices are for Labor Fees ONLY and requires the client to purchase their fashion fabrics and ship it to us at their expense. We DO all the legwork for you during the consult process - sourcing quality fabrics and trims. Unless the listing specifically states "Retail" or "Fabrics Included" the client should be prepared to add the cost of fabrics to their budget.

Embroidery Labor vs Construction Labor:

Embroidery Labor is separate from Construction Labor. We charge the industry standard for embroidery, which is $1.00 per 1000 stitches. Embroidery patterns vary in their intricacy, color changes, and stitch counts. Patterns that are dense, or have multiple colors, will have higher stitch counts.

Construction Labor is our fee to actually construct your garment. Many times the embroidery labor far exceeds the actual construction time.

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